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With professionalism and safety in mind, M Pluz listens carefully to the needs of our customers, incorporates creativity and practicality, and creates exclusive solutions.

About Us

Who We Are ?

M Pluz was founded in London in 1996, then moved the headquarter to Hong Kong and participated in various engineering projects in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, and all over the world. Our designers have accumulated profound design and related engineering experience through cooperative planning with major companies and private clients. Providing customers with practical and creative design solutions is what our professional design team aims for, together with our reliable construction personnel, ensuring a worry-free experience.

As an architecture, interior design, and decoration firm, we combine science and art to create art spaces that are resonating, while promoting social harmony and economic vitality by reconstructed natural and ecological environments. We design, create, and construct well-designed environments that ultimately lead to sustainable urban development together with our clients.

about us

M Pluz professional team has accumulated a wealth of experience in the design and planning of numerous types of projects, including large-scale office buildings, residential projects, open spaces, as well as well-planned high-end villas, private residences and commercial shops in various locations. From concept to completion, our experienced designers and construction team understand the needs of customers, offer creative and practical solutions, and of course, customers first.

We believe that all design inspirations come from the project itself, so there are a number of possibilities for the inspiration of the design concept, which can be the corporate culture of the client, the urban texture surrounding the space, or the ecological environment problems that need to be solved urgently. Additionally, it can be driven by the actual functional needs of users, or even the historical memory of the location itself.

our goals

From conception to completion, our team listens carefully to the customer's needs in a sincere manner, ensuring that the project meets the expectations.

The site size, space aesthetics, application requirements, and environmental protection are carefully studied and analysed, and a unified concept is used to integrate the needs of all aspects of a project into a balance point that takes them all into consideration. Through the team's excellent communication skills, we strive to explore the potential of each project's potential during the design process, and create a unique sense of place.

our values

We create exclusive designs and provide professional advice in response to the needs of our customers in both design planning and construction planning.

For details, we adhere to almost strict specifications, insisting on the feasibility and sustainability of construction as well as aesthetic and eternal standards. During the construction stage, good communication and prudent construction are crucial. In the stage of planning and construction, our China team will continue to devote all efforts, and we work for successful results for all involved.


Our Features.

Customers come first, create ideal space together.

Modern Design

Our professional design team is constantly monitoring the market and keeping the design concept up to date with global developments.

The core thinking behind our design is to protect the environment in a sustainable manner. In all planning projects, we make every effort to protect the application space and surrounding native resources, as well as minimize energy consumption and environmental damage. The complexity of site conditions and different challenges require putting landscape first and working with professionals from different fields. To complete the project, we have an experienced and outstanding team of engineers, sign visual guide consultants, artists and architects working together.

Fully Customization

The design concept is exclusively created based on the customer's requirements, and the engineering concept is developed based on the actual situation.

Reliable and Safe

Our experienced construction team strives to achieve the ideal superior design for customers using exquisite craftsmanship.


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